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From day one we have been passionate about design. Coming up with unique, interesting and carefully considered furniture has helped shape our business. So much so that our writing desk was awarded the prestigious Design Guild Mark in 2012 and our Zoetic chest of drawers also achieving a Bespoke Guild Mark Certification which went on to win the Claxton Stevens prize in 2014.

There is a huge amount of skill and time that goes into constructing a hand made, piston fit drawer. The animate series is a celebration of this – exposing the mechanics of the drawer from the outside without the aid of modern drawer runners. It is a very technical process and not something you would be able to replicate in mass manufacture.

The craftsmanship and design in your work is mind boggling. I feel its a real privilege to be a client. These pieces will be in a museum one day.

Tim Flynn Owner of the Zoetic chest of drawers


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